Web & Mobile App Development minor provides the skill set to develop social networking sites, blogs, video sharing sites and mobile apps.


A Web & Mobile App Development minor enhances a resumé and provides skills that are highly sought after by employers. Web development is needed for people in virtually every profession: educators, writers, businessmen, musicians, scientists, etc. Many employers require such skills explicitly. The minor is organized in the framework of web services and mobile technology, allowing the users to interact and collaborate with each other.


The courses offered as a part of the Web & Mobile App Development minor will provide students with basic knowledge and skills necessary to design and develop professional Web services and mobile apps. The content of the program emphasizes a Model View Controller paradigm (MVC) to app development.


Why minor in Web Application Development at the Mount?

  • Sets you apart from other job candidates in your field
  • Small class sizes, personal attention and a welcoming atmosphere for a healthy learning environment
  • Coursework that develops the advanced problem solving skills coveted by employers
  • Course projects and research that promote transforming ideas into innovative computer applications

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  Faculty and Staff

Denise Krueger
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dennis Gibson
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Program Director

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