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A Memorable Spring Break Visit

By: Emily Lanter


If you are given a chance to visit, I think the Flight 93 National Memorial is worth the trip, as I did with the Museums, Monuments and Meaning class over spring break. Read more. 


Time on Your Hands? Try These Fun Reads.

By: Katie Drinkuth


A student provides five fun reads during quarantine. Read more.


COVID-19 and the Cincinnati Arts Scene

By: Kaylee McGinnis


A student looks to the Cincinnati arts scene as a sense of hope during the pandemic. Read more.


Honors Conference Moves Online, and So Do Mount Presenters

By: Morgan Carpenter


A student's experience on Honor's Conference moved online. Read more.


One Parent’s Lessons from a Pandemic

By: Sean McCarthy


We can all agree that the current state of the pandemic we are all facing is in a nutshell, scary. Read more. 


How to Stay Motivated While Staying Home

By: Sydney Dotson


Here are some ways you can keep motivated at home for the next few weeks. Read more.  


Church Shuttered? Let’s Zoom!

 By: Elizabeth Bookser Barkley


A thoughtful reflection of finding faith and community remotely during this time. Read more. 


Students Review Former Professor Dan Mader’s Art Exhibit

Submitted by Loyola Walter


Dan Mader, professor emerita at Mount St. Joseph University, presented his art exhibit A Retrospective in the Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery from March 1 to March 29. Read more.


A Note from the Editor

By: Sasha Feldmann


From being a writer my freshman year to serving as Editor-in-Chief, Dateline has been a consistent joy for me. Read more.