Here are some ways you can keep motivated at home for the next few weeks.

Mount St. Joseph News


With the semester coming to an end and classes being online, it can be hard to stay motivated, especially when students and staff alike are dealing with the added stress and anxieties of a worldwide pandemic. So, here are some ways you can keep motivated at home for the next few weeks.


Designate a place to work.


It may sound like an obvious idea, but separate your “work” space from your “living” space Working from your couch where you watch television or your bed where you sleep will keep you from completing your tasks. So, designate a space in your house that you only use for working or doing your homework.


Create a Routine.


Plan your days as if you are going to leave your house. Wake up at a specific time—before 10 a.m., get dressed, and schedule out your day. Decide what you are going to do and when you’re going to do it and schedule out your breaks—like lunch or walking your dogs!


Stay Connected.


It’s important to stay connected with your classmates and professors. Check your email and Blackboard daily for updates and assignments. If you have classes through Zoom, make sure you are participating in those classes—take notes and ask questions! If you feel like you aren’t getting all the information you need to succeed, reach out to your professor; this is new for everyone!


Make Time for Exercise.


Allow yourself time during the day for a workout, whether its yoga, some lifting, or just a walk. Making time for this during the day allows you to stay motivated and keeps you from being sedentary all day. Working out will also keep you disciplined.


Put Your Phone Away.


The biggest distraction while staying at home is your phone. When you are in a classroom setting, you are less likely to be active on your phone for at least an hour, but when you’re at home it’s a different story. Put your phone in another room or turn it off for a few hours while you do work and turn it on when you’re taking breaks.


If you follow these tips for staying motivated while you work from home, these next few weeks will fly by!