Institutional Complaints
All reports and concerns regarding Title IX related incidents (including but not limited to incidents of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct) will be reviewed by the Title IX Coordinator.  The University’s Title IX investigation is different from any law enforcement investigation, and a law enforcement investigation does not relieve the University of its independent Title IX obligation to investigate the alleged conduct. In cases involving potential criminal conduct, University personnel must determine, consistent with federal, state, and local law, whether appropriate law enforcement or other authorities should be notified. 


The University will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of individuals and information involved in any complaint.  Any attempt by a member of the faculty, staff, administration, or student body to penalize or retaliate in any way against a person bringing a complaint of sex discrimination, sexual misconduct, interpersonal violence, or retaliation is prohibited and will be treated as a separate incident to be reviewed and investigated in its own right.



The procedure for investigating Title IX reports/complaints is set forth in the Policy on Prohibited Sex Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct, and Interpersonal Violence.


If, at any point during the informal or formal grievance procedure, it becomes known or apparent that the grievance or concern relates to the University’s obligations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (e.g., to provide reasonable accommodations and physical access to students with disabilities), the grievance or concern will be promptly referred to the Director of the Learning Center & Disability Services pursuant to the University’s Disability-Related Grievance Procedure. In such cases, the University will conduct a single investigation pursuant to the applicable policy and procedures.


Nothing in this process should be construed as impeding or prohibiting an employee or student from pursuing a criminal complaint with the appropriate internal or external law enforcement agency or in filing a discrimination complaint with the appropriate external governmental agency.