Dateline is the student newspaper of
Mount St. Joseph University.
The paper is published monthly and features the latest events and views on campus.




Farewell, MSJ. It's Been Fun, and Fulfilling

By Elsa Black

Have you ever had an amazing life-altering experience? Read more.


Coach Hopp Perseveres Through the Pandemic with Mount Football Team

By Ricky Feller

All sports at Mount St. Joseph University were postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic in March of 2020. Read more.  


Got a Story in You? Start Writing!

By Noah Douglas

Have you ever had a cool story in your head and wanted to see it come to life? Read more. 


Graduation Will Look Different This Spring 

By Miah Harvey 

With the year coming to an end, some students are wondering the same thing: How is graduation going to work? Read more. 


‘Uncle Jim’ Taught Me Lessons I Cherish

By Evelyn Perkins

I met Uncle Jim when I was a young child, and he has stayed in my mind all these years like a warm feeling. Read more. 


Mission Ambassadors Help Make the Mount ‘a Better Place’

By William Sack

The Mount's Mission Ambassadors program serves as a bulwark and an epitome of Christian social responsiblity on campus. Read more. 


A Short Lesson from a Life of Anxiety 

By Claire Schroeder

The first time I remember talking to a doctor about my nerves, I was in the third grade. Read more.


Build Confidence, Resumes at Conferences, Senior Advises 

By Elizabeth Bookser Barkley

Hanne Driscoll is no conference rookie. Read more. 


Students Merge Technology, Other Interests in New Dual Major

By Emily Lanter

The cITe Scholars program officially launched at the Mount this past fall. Read more.