We fulfill our mission by:

  • Encouraging the deepening of faith through liturgy, retreats, faith-sharing, and prayer.
  • Creating opportunities for leadership development by empowering community members to use their gifts
  • Fostering a commitment to service and peace and justice through education, action, and reflection.
  • Collaborating with the larger campus community to bring about the development of the whole person.

Mission of the Office of Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry infuses all aspects of faith into the culture at Mount St. Joseph University. We seek to create opportunities and nurture an environment on campus for students to explore and deepen their faith and spirituality through prayer, retreats, community-building, interfaith encounters, service and justice experiences, and to empower students to use their gifts and talents to serve the spiritual needs of the campus community through providing collaborative leadership opportunities.

MSJ Mission Ambassadors

The Mission Ambassador Program is an intentional community of students who support and encourage one another in living the mission of Mount St. Joseph University. Visit our MSJ Mission Ambassadors page to learn more about our community.


Contact Information:

For interest, questions, suggestions and concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Michelle Arnold, Assistant Director of Mission Integration

Sister Karen Elliott, C.PP.S, Chief Mission Officer:

Maria Ditullio, Coordinator for Mission Ambassadors


Social Media:

Please feel free to follow us on Instagram at msjmissionintegration!