The Honors Program at Mount St. Joseph University is a close-knit community of highly-motivated students and experienced faculty. Together they tailor a variety of learning experiences to fit students’ academic needs. We challenge you to see connections among various disciplines and to gain an integrated worldview.

How to Apply

To join the Honors program, all eligible students should enroll in the Honors section of CORE 115 Common Ground. At the midterm point of the course, you may apply to the Honors Program.

Honors students at Mount St. Joseph University can major in any offered undergraduate program. If an Honors course does not exist your study area, faculty will help you design extra work in a standard class to earn Honors credits. With the Mount’s small class sizes, students receive the personal attention necessary to achieve academic and personal success.

Eligibility Criteria

The Honors Program welcomes traditional students who meet the following criteria:

  • ACT-SAT scores at the 75th percentile level.
  • Upper 25 percent class rank is preferred, but not required, as class rank numbers vary by high school.
  • A 3.2 GPA or higher.
  • High school course selections that indicate a desire and an ability to undertake vigorous academic challenges.

Students’ Viewpoints

Julia Hall ’13, Nursing 

When I was a freshman, the Honors Program helped me realize that I was capable of handling the challenge of college and extra work. It helped me keep a positive outlook when classes became tougher. The program has assisted me in thinking critically through my courses and the required depth of my studies that pushes me to exceed.

Wesley Thompson ’13, Biology 

The Honors Program has opened my eyes to many cultures and backgrounds, and has allowed me to expand my knowledge of areas outside of my major.

Claire Schroeder ’12, History

The part I love most about the Honors Program is the variety of exciting classes that are offered. The Cincinnati Arts Scene opened my eyes to Cincinnati, and I traveled to New York City for the course U.N. Millennium Development Goals.

Bridget Kent ’12, Mathematics with a minor in nonprofit leadership 

The Mount’s Honors Program involves both Honors courses and a service component. I appreciate that the program focuses on other things like service and social events to make the experience more interesting.

Faculty Viewpoint 

Dr. Gene Kritsky, Professor of Biology 

I have taught Honors classes and advised Honors students for nearly 20 years. My Honors courses are just as exciting for me as I hope they are for the students. These classes essentially become high-caliber learning communities that explore topics that have led to new research projects for my students. Honors students thrive in this environment. It builds on their talents, and it offers them expanded opportunities. I strongly believe that the Honors Program enriches an undergraduate’s career.