With the Heart of a Lion, former team captain of the MSJ women's basketball team, Patty Seta-Tabb was known for building memorable connections with her team mates.


That strength of character would become pivotal in her battle to overcome cancer, and years later, to continue to provide strength and inspiration for a former fellow player.

"It's not a problem without a solution,” says Patty Seta-Tabb, class of ’88, in her cheerful disposition. Liz Williams Morgan, class of ‘90, first met Patty her sophomore year at the Mount. A nervous transfer student and new to the women’s basketball team, Liz quickly felt accepted and welcomed by Patty’s friendly spirit as captain of the team.

Patty Seta-Tabb and Liz Williams Morgan

After graduation, they reconnected in 2010, when Liz was saddened to hear about Patty’s battle with breast cancer, offering support in any way she could. She is now eight years cancer-free. However, two years ago, Liz was also diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, where Patty reached out right away to lend support, providing strength, humor, and inspiration to Liz during this difficult time.

“Patty made it a priority to take me to lunch often, or just to check in,” says Liz. “It helped enormously. Going through this left me jobless, drained, and struggling through treatment. Taking my queue from her, I too attacked it with a positive attitude.”

When Liz found out she had to cancel vacations during this time, she found virtual reality goggles to be a source of comfort so that she could still enjoy seeing beautiful places, virtually, and casually expressed this to Patty. Without hesitation, Patty collected money from former Mount teammates to purchase a brand new pair of VR goggles for Liz. “She insisted on taking me to lunch where she gave me a check, and told me she had collected all this money to help with my dream pair! It was for over $400.00! I was floored and overwhelmed. I could not believe she had done this for me!” says Liz.

Michelle Nader, Jean Dowell, Patty Seta-Tabb, and Liz Williams

“I am very flattered by Liz saying that I have inspired her, but it really is Liz who inspires me,” says Patty. “Always positive, always with a smile even when not feeling well.  Being her friend brings me great joy.  She’s a fighter and a good friend.”

With the Heart of a Lion, Patty Seta-Tabb finds thoughtful and unique ways to support a friend in need, and repays her gratitude back to Liz.

Sherry Seta-Tabb (wife and former MSJ Tennis Coach), Liz Williams Morgan, and Patty Seta-Tabb

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