Both volleyball setters for their teams, MSJ graduates Janelle and Luke found a home away from home together at the Mount.

Mount St. Joseph University alumni in wedding attire

Two souls cross paths and intercept in more ways than just volleyball.

Luke Eschenbach ’15 chose the Mount to continue his volleyball career, keeping him close to home, while Janelle Davis ’16 from Haviland, Ohio was informed about the Mount from her high school superintendent.

“I loved the idea of small class sizes and I loved how my superintendent said his son had a great relationship with his professors due to small class sizes,” tells Janelle. “Coming from a very small high school, that was very important to me. I was also interested in choosing the Mount to continue my volleyball career.”

Janelle was from out of town and didn’t know anyone outside of the volleyball team. Luke tried meeting Janelle through her roommate at the time and meeting up after classes, however, it just didn't seem to work out for him.

One weekend, Luke was working freshman Athletic Training hours for a women’s volleyball tournament Janelle was playing.

Janelle had come into the Athletic Training room after the game to find scissors to cut the tape off her ankle, where she found Luke ready to help. “Luke, not knowing where anything was, handed me the worst pair of scissors possible,” she giggles. Of course, Janelle played it cool, but had to playfully let Luke know of his complete lack of awareness. So, she messaged him on Facebook messenger letting him know how bad the scissors were. “Honestly, the rest is history from there,” she recalls.

Throughout the duration of their time at the Mount, the two bonded over sports—hanging out in the Harrington Center every chance they could either eating Dynamite wraps, watching TV, playing basketball, Sunday morning brunch in the Fifth Third Dining Hall, mario kart and ping pong with friends in the dorms, MSJ parties, and spending time with the closest friend group.

Volleyball encompassed a fundamental piece of their mind, body, and spirit that surely cannot be forgotten.

“Luke and I are very competitive individuals. Volleyball was a major factor in our lives while at the Mount that played a huge role in our support for one another. We were both setters for our teams, and therefore spent a lot of time talking game and watching film.”

Janelle found comfort in Luke’s presence, helping her to become more social amongst her peers. She realized Luke was the one when he always seemed to be there when she needed someone the most. “That meant so much to not only myself, but my family knowing I had a home away from home. They say ‘marry your best friend,’ [and] I can honestly say that I married mine,” says Janelle.

While the two went different ways after a few years of dating in college, they reconnected after the Mount, playing sand and indoor volleyball together and hanging out with their close-knit friend group from college. 

Luke proposed to Janelle back in her hometown on her grandparents' property, that indefinitely holds a very special place in her heart.

“Luke had all the parents and remaining grandparents hiding in the trees watching. After the proposal, we went back to my mother's house where all of our family and friends were waiting to celebrate with us! We got married in October 2021 in my hometown church.”

The two currently live outside of Oxford, Ohio with two amazing dogs, Beau and Daisy, and are expecting a little girl in July 2023.

“The Mount brought us together and it is something that we will never forget, and will always be grateful for!” she exclaims.

Congratulations, Janelle and Luke!

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