The Interfaith Club helps students in terms of self-development, making connections, and coping with some of life's most challenging moments.

Men and women sit in a circle in a chapel

There are many different clubs at the Mount so it’s easy to not be familiar with all of them. The club that seems to be overlooked the most is the Interfaith Club. When most people hear the title of this club, they hear “faith” and turn away. Fortunately, I’m a member of this club so I’d like to share what this club is truly capable of.

What is the Interfaith Club? It is open to all students interested in a variety of areas including social justice, service, retreats, prayer and worship, spiritual and personal development, leadership development and deepening of faith. It has been at the Mount for many years but was not really active. In 2019, Michelle Arnold, Assistant Director of Mission Integration, became aware of this club and took it upon herself to reboot the club. But like most things, it was shut down due to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a phenomenon that all of us had to work our way through in order to understand how that could happen in our lives and come to some understanding. For people of the world, it was an eye-opening experience and gave everyone a chance to focus on faith, religion, and spirituality.  Lockdown did not stop Interfaith Club members from continuing their mission. They kept in touch with each other and discussed the state of the world. They read books like “Interfaith Ministry Handbook,” “Invitation to World,” “The Illustrated World’s Religions: A Guide to our Wisdom Traditions.They watched movies over Zoom. Most of all, it gave members support in stressful times.

Prior to COVID-19 and the lockdown, club members were able to go out and see the world. They could experience things, discuss them, and make a difference.  According to Arnold, one of the big events that the Interfaith Club participated in was Interfaith Harmony Week. The year that the club was able to attend they were exposed to many different religions. They got to taste food, experience different cultures, and much more.

The Interfaith Club is a club where you can come, share new experiences, and learn about different religions and cultures. As Arnold notes, this club is about finding that space where there is learning but not a class but also enriching.”  I think this quote defines the Interfaith Club.

As Addison Hollomon, a John Cabot University student, recently posted: “Interfaith is not just learning about other religions, but also about discovering yourself and exploring what you believe about the world.”  It’s about meeting new people and learning about everybody's perspective. This club is for everyone no matter what their faith.  It sets aside time for members so they can learn, grow, and meet new people.

The Interfaith Club meets every Monday in the Mosaic Center at 4 p.m.  Everyone is welcome so feel free to stop by and maybe you’ll learn something new.  It is a chance to meet with fellow students and expand your knowledge of those around you.