As we approach the warmth and comfort of Thanksgiving, President H. James Williams, Ph.D. reflects on the gift of connectedness within the Mount Community.

Mount St. Joseph News

Dear Mount Community,

"Be present in all things and grateful for all things” are words from the great Maya Angelou that ring true this year as we head into our Thanksgiving Break. 

We remain present as citizens in a global community, and remain deeply saddened by the unimaginable human suffering occurring in our world. While we continue to pray for peace and the end of pain for all humanity, we have an opportunity to acknowledge the gift that we have been given through our connectedness at Mount St. Joseph University, and to demonstrate gratitude for one another. 

We are a rich community made up of individuals from many unique backgrounds, experiences, and traditions.  We embrace our differences, because they strengthen each of us, and help us to learn, succeed, and grow, together.  Yet, we share common threads—a firm foundation in academic and extracurricular excellence, a deep commitment to creating a campus culture of belonging, and a shared passion for improving our world.

This Thanksgiving, I am extraordinarily thankful to be part of the Mount Community. The Mount environment fosters care and support for one another, as well as working collaboratively toward the common good. Especially in this time of peril for many, I am grateful for all of the things the Mount has brought to my life.     

I am also thankful for each of you.  You each hold a special place in the Mount Community, and in my heart.  May your Thanksgiving Break be restful, joyful, and healthy.


Dr. H. James Williams, Ph.D.


Visit the video link below for Dr. Williams's Thanksgiving reflection: