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The outstanding reputation of the Mount's direct admission Bachelor of Science in Nursing program rests on a foundation of a century of experience. MSJ’s good standing in the medical community has attracted a staff of world-class educators and an exceptionally qualified faculty of professionals dedicated to passing on their knowledge and skills to future nurses. Students in the Mount's BSN program have the opportunity to work with faculty in an interactive and applied learning experience, colleagues from other disciplines, and fellow students to solve complex healthcare problems. A comprehensive roster of classes, labs, and clinical experiences ensures graduates gain the skills to become effective patient advocates and leaders in a variety of medical fields.


Read below to gain insight from the BSN Program Director, Kerri Getz, RN, MSN, MBA, Certified Nurse Educator (CNE), to learn more about proactive initiatives taken by the Mount’s BSN program to achieve such an impressive NCLEX pass rate.


The 2023 BSN program at Mount St. Joseph University has achieved its highest NCLEX pass rates since 2017, reflecting a concerted effort to enhance educational outcomes. This success can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, implementing quality improvement remediation initiatives in the classroom has significantly contributed to the student's overall preparedness. Additionally, a notable decrease in faculty turnover has fostered continuity in the program, positively impacting the learning environment.


  • Proactively using empirical data has shaped administrative and policy decisions. The program's commitment to leveraging data for decision-making has resulted in a more targeted approach to curriculum development. The program's ability to identify at-risk nursing students through data-driven standardized assessments is commendable. This not only aids in timely intervention but also informs ongoing curriculum enhancements and provides valuable insights for faculty development.


  • Furthermore, the faculty's commitment to continuous improvement is evident in the expanded and enhanced weekly remediation sessions focused on NCLEX-related courses over the past two years. Developing a best practice sliding-scale remediation policy aligned with content-specific standardized assessments demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to addressing individual student needs.


  • A standout feature of the program is its adept use of licensure exam-prep products throughout the curriculum and closer to graduation. For example, the program incorporated an annual three-day live NCLEX review session three weeks before graduation in 2021


Current and prospective nursing program students can have confidence in the program's success, knowing that the high pass rates result from a solid curriculum developed by knowledgeable and experienced faculty. Mount St. Joseph University's commitment to excellence, evidenced through its innovative initiatives and data-driven practices, ensures a supportive and successful learning environment for aspiring nursing professionals.


Congratulations to the exceptional faculty, staff, and students of the Mount’s BSN program for achieving this impressive and well-deserved NCLEX pass rate!