By Dr. Karen Holtgrefe

dpt clinic 2024

New cohort: The class of 2025 completed their first semester in the clinic after participating in a new onboarding process which allowed them to hit the ground running when the clinic started in the fall. Prior to their start in the clinic, they completed documentation audits in PT 770: Administration, Consultation, and Management; reviewing de-identified notes and providing feedback; thus, getting a preview of the documentation templates and expectations.

Data results: We collect a lot of data for the clinic, including its effect on student confidence. The students complete the Self-Efficacy of Student Physical Therapy Outcomes (SEPTSO) multiple times throughout the year. Students in the 2024 cohort reported increased confidence (10-23% increase) in all aspects related to patient care (noted on the survey). We hope this translates to our students having more confidence and feeling better prepared for their clinical education experiences. To date, students have provided 348 visits for patients aged 14-89 with diagnoses ranging from orthopedic and neurologic, to balance and debility for a total of over $45,000 in free care.

Volunteer or refer patients: the spring clinic runs from January 30th to April 20th (Tuesdays evenings, 6-8:00pm and Saturday mornings, 9-11:00am). Please call or email if you are interested in being a volunteer PT overseeing the care provided by the students, OR refer a patient who has exhausted their insurance benefits or who could benefit from additional therapy. Voicemail: 513-244-4282. Clinic email: