For anyone who likes to sing, needs to fulfill their art or music credit, or wants to belong to a community of talented and welcoming people, the choir program is a great option.

Mount St. Joseph News

Filled with students of all years, the choir program is a welcoming environment where you can come to learn a variety of music, sing with others without judgment, and bond with some of the best people you will ever meet!

Whether you have a love for music, are interested in the $1,000 a year Renaissance Award, or just want a strong community to connect with, the choir program is worth trying, even if you decide later that it’s not your thing. Some people have found that while the award money was an incentive for them to join, they stayed for so much more. They found a passionate director who truly cares for them, music that lets them have fun and be themselves, and loyal friends who sing right beside them even with their pre-warm-up voice.

On a typical day of class, students walk in, warm-up with some vocal exercises, and then sing through the songs to prepare for an upcoming concert. Chamber Choir is a class with a comfortable atmosphere where members can chill and feel the vibes of the song, according to Madelyn, a freshman majoring in early childhood education. Because of the relaxed environment, students get to know each other on a personal level, not just as someone who sings in their section. You learn about why they like to sing, what songs they love, what music pieces they are struggling with, how they learn music best, and how to breathe correctly to get the best possible sound. In short, everyone looks out for each other.

One memory that the choir recalls fondly is when the Director of Chorale Activities, Kelsey DeMange, bought everyone tacos from her favorite taco restaurant, Tortilleria Garcia (trust me, it’s GOOD). A less joyous yet heartwarming memory was when the group came together to sing songs to honor a choir member who had passed. That day, the sun shone in the chapel, eyes were teary, and love for each member of the group strengthened. If at no other time, that was when the choir program truly became a family full of love, loyalty, and belonging.

Here is some encouragement to join from the musicians themselves:

“Be confident in yourself, we don’t judge.”

“It’s a good way to get credits in, [then stay if you like it].”

“Each group (University Singers, Chamber Choir, Voices of Gold) has their own [focus area].”

If you want to join or have any questions about the choir program, feel free to contact Kelsey DeMange or any of the choir members. Come see for yourself how we work as a family to create beautiful and meaningful music!