Spotlight: Veronica Dean, College of Education University Supervisor and SPCA Humane Education Manager

veronica dean


“I am Roni Dean and I am a College of Education University Supervisor.  I enjoy my position working with practicum students and student teachers.  My passion is working with animals and teaching humane education.  Yes, I am the Humane Education Manager with the SPCA.  It’s a voluntary position. The SPCA celebrated 150 years in 2023.  To celebrate the milestone, I was challenged to visit 150 classrooms teaching humane education and the SPCA history.  I visited 154.  For 2024, I want to accomplish the following:  increase the awareness of humane education; increase the number of classroom visits; recruit more volunteers for the SPCA; and raise more funds to find homes for shelter animals or help families keep their animals at home.”