Mount St. Joseph University’s cITe Students and Faculty Recently Published an Article in an Academic Journal

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“The Center for IT Engagement (cITe) students published an article in an academic journal.  The Mount does a great job retaining students--the article talk about how students can overcome challenges that make them drop out of college. Students are the biggest stakeholders in their educational journeys; it's really important that we do research with them, on topics that matter to them.  What was unique about this research is that students were involved in the whole project--they even helped write the article:


Undergraduate research is a place where smaller schools like the Mount can really shine. The closer-knit relationships between faculty and undergraduates really means that undergraduates get a chance to participate in research. This research can help undergraduates forward in their careers; participation in research can give students a real leg up on graduate and professional applications.” Rebecca Allen, Ph. D.


Congratulations to the cITe students and faculty members who contributed to this academic article! If you are interested in finding out more information about computing at the Mount, visit our Department of Computing webpage to see all the programs we offer. Visit our cITe webpage to find out more about this state-of-the-art program!