After a seamless transfer experience with a pre-PA focus, transfer athlete Mary Litzinger enjoys her bond with her MSJ soccer teammates, and lunch conversations with friends.

mary litzinger

What is your year and major? What is your anticipated graduation year?

 I am currently a sophomore majoring in Biology with a Pre-PA focus. I am anticipating graduating in the fall of 2024.

Why did you choose the Mount, and what sport do you play?

I chose the Mount because of the close knit community and smaller class sizes that allow for better relationships. I am also currently on the women's soccer team.

How did the Mount help accommodate your transfer needs?

The Mount helped a lot when it came to transferring. More specifically when it came to working through class scheduling and making sure that each credit was accounted for.

Describe the bond you have created with your teammates at the Mount. How have they supported you as a new team member?

I think it was easy to create a good bond with my teammates because of their willingness to allow me to be a part of their team. They were extremely open to making sure I was immediately included in all of their activities and making sure I had everything I needed to succeed.

Are there any staff, coaches, or professors you would like to credit who helped accommodate your transfer experience?

I would give a lot of credit to Coach Darren Gallagher and my advisor, Maria Brown. Both were super helpful throughout my process and made sure I felt prepared when coming in. Maria Brown specifically helped me with making sure I was getting all of the classes I needed in order to graduate when I wanted and the classes that would help me when applying to Physician Assistant School.

Describe one of your favorite memories at the Mount so far.

My favorite memory from the Mount would have to be doing anything with the friends I have met so far. From soccer games and lunch conversation to bigger events like formal or school activities. I am excited to meet more people and explore new things while pursuing my education.

What advice or recommendations would you give to transfer student-athletes who are looking to balance athletics while attending the Mount full-time?

Do not be afraid of all the transfer tasks that come with transferring. If the school you are at does not support your needs or make you happy, then it is completely okay to find a school that does have everything you need.