Liberal Arts Class of 2024!

liberal arts 2024 class


Nine Liberal Arts majors recently completed their Culminating Experience class,  and eight will be graduating in ceremonies May 11. Dr. Kyle Schenkewitz, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, guided them through the course.


Students completing the course were Addaleigh Conley, Noah Douglas, Eve’Lynn Jackson, Bella McIntyre, Joey Newton, Haley Osborne, Lindsey Perkins, Jackson Simon, and Louis Tallarigo.


Through a research paper and presentation, students demonstrated mastery of the four learning outcomes for the major: To develop as proficient writers, to mature as articulate speakers, to interact as engaged learners, and to grow as analytical/critical thinkers.


The following are a few of the presentation titles: “Literature Goes to Therapy: Representations of Mental Illness in Literature,” “The Enduring Legacy of Containment: U.S. Foreign Policy Surrounding the Ukraine Conflict,” “The Effects of Climate Change in Urban Poverty,” and “Bartolomé de Las Casas: Imperialism, Humanitarianism, and Conversion.”


Pictured, left to right, rear: Joey Newton, Jackson Simon, Louis Tallarigo, Addaleigh Conley, Noah Douglas; front: Bella McIntyre, Lindsey Perkins, Haley Osborne, Eve’Lynn Jackson