MSJ’s Psychology Department Attended the 2024 Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Conference in Denver, CO in April.

psych conf 2024


The Mount’s Psychology Department was thrilled that there was a record number of Psychology seniors who attended the Spring 2024 Psychology Conference. The Mount had 7 Psychology seniors present their research projects at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Conference in Denver, Colorado in April. Our Psychology Department’s previous record number of seniors accepted into a psychology conference was 6 students. MSJ’s Psychology Department continues to produce excellent Psychology students year after year.


In addition to having a record number of Psychology seniors attend the Spring 2024 Psychology Conference, a few Mount students were finalists for additional awards at the conference and one of our students received a very prestigious award.


Carpenter, R. (2024, April). Effects of a mindfulness-based intervention on educators’ mood and state anxiety.



Conley, A. (2024, April). Effects of labeling and source credibility on trustworthiness and voter approval.



Dillman, G. (2024, April). Effects of listening to vocal versus instrumental music while reading on quiz performance.



Sheppard, E. (2024, April). Effect of acceptance and commitment therapy on auditory hallucinations: Meta-analysis and review.



Solinski, S. (2024, April). Effect of racial stereotype threat on free throw performance of basketball players.



Winkler, R. (2024, April). Obstetrician-Gynecologists' gender impacts patients' comfort levels.



Wright, A. (2024, April). Effects of psychological skills training on athletic performance in college athletes.



Addie Conley won a prestigious Psi Chi Regional Research Award!  Addie is one of only 6 winners, out of hundreds of students who submitted research to the conference.  This makes three years in a row that our students have won this award, which ties a record we set back in 2001-2003.  Addie will be presenting her research, titled “Effects of Labeling and Source Credibility on Trustworthiness and Voter Approval,” at the annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association in Denver, CO in April.  She’ll receive $400 and an award certificate from Psi Chi.” Dr. Tim Lawson, Psychology Professor



Ella Sheppard's "Effect of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Auditory Hallucinations: Meta-Analysis and Review" was selected as one of the 6 RMPA awards finalists. “Ella ended up winning a Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Research Award!  She competed against 6 of the other outstanding submissions that were considered for the award (out of about 400 total submissions), and they judged each person’s oral presentation to determine who won the 4 awards.”  Dr. Tim Lawson, Psychology Professor



“We had a total of 7 students present at the conference, which was a record for us (we usually have 2-4 students).  We also set another record by having 2 students win awards at the same conference.  A third record we set this year is that our students have won awards for three years in a row, and this is the first time that four of our students won awards in a three-year period.  So, it’s been a fantastic year, and our students did an amazing job at presenting their research at the conference.”  Dr. Tim Lawson, Psychology Professor


Congratulations to the MSJ Psychology seniors who presented at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Conference this year and to the students who won additional research awards! Also, a huge thank you to all of our dedicated Mount Psychology faculty!