Top 10 Benefits of Co-op

  1. Income: Co-op is a great way to earn money while attending college.

  2. Educational Experience: Co-op enhances classroom learning as students make connections between theory and practice.

  3. Credit: Students can earn up to 9 credit hours during their career as a Mount co-op. Co-op fulfills the core curriculum’s experiential education credit required to graduate.

  4. Develop Skills: During co-op, students acquire and enhance the skills necessary to be successful in their career fields.

  5. Career Exploration: Co-op assists students in affirming their choice of major and/or career.

  6. Resume Builder: Co-op is a valuable work experience that allows students to build their resume relevant to their career path.

  7. Future Employment: Many co-op students obtain full time employment with their employers after graduation.

  8. Networking: Co-op provides students with the opportunity to build relationships and their network in order to position themselves to be successful in their career path.

  9. Professional Development: Co-op helps students gain a practical understanding of professional work practices and environments.

  10. Competitive Edge: Co-op sets students apart from other candidates for graduate school and professional employment.


Earn and Learn

Co-op is an excellent way for students to earn an income, which can help offset the cost of tuition. Last year the average co-op student earned $11 an hour. Below you will find an example of potential earnings.