Mount St. Joseph University is a member of the Tuition Exchange, Inc. (TE, Inc), the Tuition Exchange Program of the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC-TEP) and the Catholic College Cooperative Tuition Exchange (CCCTE). Through theses programs, dependent children of faculty and staff of participating institutions can apply for undergraduate tuition exchange benefits to be used at Mount St. Joseph University under the following guidelines:

  1. Request that the liaison officer at your home institution complete the certification and application process as appropriate to the particular program through which you are requesting to be considered for tuition exchange benefits.

  2. Apply for admission to Mount St. Joseph University. To ensure priority consideration for tuition exchange benefits, your application for admission, as well as your benefit certification & application, should be received by the Office of Admission by February 1 of the academic year prior to admission. You must meet regular admission requirements at Mount St. Joseph University before you can be considered for a tuition exchange benefits. Tuition exchange benefits are competitive. Decisions for these benefits are based on your application and the current position of Mount St. Joseph University in relation to the required import/export balance and limits of the various programs. The benefit selection process will continue until all of benefits have been awarded. A limited number may be available.

  3. You must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after January 1 of the prior academic year.

  4. If you plan to enroll at Mount St. Joseph University with or without a tuition exchange benefit, you are advised to pay your tuition and housing deposit of $100 before the May 1 deposit due date. The deposit will be credited to your account if you later receive an exchange benefit. If your enrollment at Mount St. Joseph University is dependent upon receiving a tuition exchange benefit, you are advised to wait until notification before paying a deposit.

  5. If you are offered a tuition exchange benefit, notify Mount St. Joseph University as soon as possible of your decision to accept or decline.



Tuition exchange benefits are not automatically granted to eligible exchange applicants. Mount St. Joseph University reserves the right to limit the number of imports in order to maintain an appropriate import/export balance as required and/or allowed by each program. The tuition exchange benefit will provide 100% of the cost of undergraduate tuition less the 5% users’ fee. The award will not cover other fees, books, supplies or room and board charges.

The award may be renewable. All tuition exchange recipients are required to file the FAFSA each year. Further, recipients must remain eligible to return to Mount St. Joseph University each year and must enroll full-time each semester. The eligible employee for the tuition exchange benefit must also remain eligible for the benefit at the employing institution as certified annually by the exporting institution. In some instances, the exporting institution may place some restrictions on award eligibility and/or duration.

Students may enroll in any of Mount St. Joseph University undergraduate programs. Tuition exchange benefits will be approved for a specific number of semesters/years, based on individual student eligibility. Tuition exchange benefits may apply toward summer studies. They will not apply to programs held off Mount St. Joseph University campus, including study abroad programs. For students who interrupt their studies at Mount St. Joseph University by taking a year off or attending another school for a year or more, reinstatement of the benefit will depend on the number of openings at the time of return to Mount St. Joseph University.