Graduate Tuition and Fees




Graduate Tuition



Business (4+1 MBA)

$680/credit hour

Education (MA) 

$680/credit hour

Organizational Leadership*

$680/credit hour

Nursing (MSN): MAGELIN*

$680/credit hour plus fees

Reading Science (EdD)

$815/credit hour

Nursing (MSN): Administration and Education Tracks 

$680/credit hour

Nursing (DNP)

$710/credit hour

DPT (Entry Level)

$10,650/semester, plus fees

Physician Assistant (PA)

January 2025 start
$14,700/semester, plus fees

Master of Speech Language Pathology (MSLP)

$11,500/semester plus fees

 *Graduates of Mount St. Joseph University receive a 10% Tuition Discount on MSOL and MSN: MAGELIN programs

General Fee

This non-refundable fee covers student activities, technology, counseling, student and academic support services and logistical services. A non-refundable General Fee of $125 is charged to all Graduate and Doctoral students registered for 9 or more credit hours in the summer term.

Credit Hours


9 or more credit hours

$610/year or $305/semester

4.5-8.5 credit hours

$300/year or $150/semester

1-4 credit hours

$240/year or $120/semester

9 or more credit hours

$125/summer semester *Excludes Fully Online Programs





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