Physician Assistant Program-Tuition and Fees




       PA Program Length

    Total Tuition


  Tuition per semester




        27 Months-7 Semesters




PA Program Tuition and Fee Breakdown






Per semester


General University Fee Fall and Spring Term


Five Semesters


General University Fee  Summer Term


Two Semesters


Lab Fee


One Semester  (1st Fall)


Graduation Application Fee


One Semester (Final)


       Total Program Direct Cost: $105,105


The program’s tuition cost is inclusive of the following items:

Diagnostic Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Bag with logo

Embroidered Short White Lab Coat

Embroidered Program Scrubs (2 pairs)

Medical Liability Insurance

PANCE review course

Simulation and Skills Lab Fees (ACLS/BLS certification included)

Virtual Medical Library (Access Medicine and Up to Date)

Standardized exam fees and patient logging software

AAPA Student membership dues

OAPA Student membership dues


Following acceptance in to the program and before matriculation, prospective students are responsible for:

  • Completion of a criminal background check and drug screen testing. This is completed at the student’s expense following registration on the CastleBranch website and is estimated to cost $210.00
  • Providing proof of immunization status. The required immunizations are consistent with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for health care workers available at: There may be additional expense for obtaining required immunizations or laboratory testing to document immunity.
  • Obtaining a medical screening examination from a qualified health care professional attesting that the student meets the Technical Standards for Physician Assistant students with reasonable accommodation, if necessary. A copy of the Standards, and the required form, are available on the program website’s homepage.
  • Providing proof of health insurance. Documentation is uploaded to the CastleBranch website. The cost of health insurance varies. While health care services are available to all students at the Campus Wellness Center, there is no student health insurance plan available for purchase through the university or the Wellness Center.

Additional Expenses for Students in the Program

Estimated Cost

Laptop computer – student, is responsible for purchasing this prior to the start of classes.

(Either Windows or MAC operating systems are acceptable, they must be Wi-Fi compatible,

with a camera, microphone, and Microsoft Word capability.)

$ 700.00

Textbooks (includes online modules in several courses in lieu of textbooks)

$ 1800.00

Annual TB skin test and Influenza Vaccine (2)

$ 100.00

Annual Background Checks and Drug Screens (2)

$ 200.00

Software applications for the clinical phase (optional)

$ 250.00

Professional Clothing for school events and clinical rotations


Transportation Costs (including travel for clinical rotations)


Room and Board


The student must be prepared to cover all transportation and living expenses while enrolled in the program, including anticipated travel expenses during clinical rotations.

Students are strongly discouraged from working during the didactic phase of the program and prohibited from working during the clinical phase of the program. See the Program’s Work Policy.

All Tuition and Fees described are subject to approval by the University’s Board of Trustees.

Financial Policies

To view financial policies and other information, please visit Mount St. Joseph University’s financial Policies, Rules, and Regulations page.

Tuition Reduction Schedule 

To view the Tuition Reduction Schedule, please visit the Tuition Reduction Schedule page.