Successful completion of the PA Program requires a full time year-round commitment.  The following policy will provide students with important information to enhance your success.

  • Students are discouraged from working in any form of employment while enrolled in the didactic phase of the PA program.
  • Outside activities and working are not considered to be valid excuses for poor academic performance or lack of attendance at required PA program activities.
  • PA students cannot ever work for the Program and may never substitute for or function as instructional faculty.
  • Students are prohibited from working in any capacity while enrolled in the clinical phase of the PA program.  It is especially important during the clinical rotations phase of the program that students be available to their preceptors on short notice for special learning opportunities outside of regular office hours. Failure to fully participate in all clinical related activities is considered abandonment and will result in failure of the rotation unless it is an excused absence per program guidelines.
  • Students enrolled in the PA program cannot substitute for practicing physician assistants or provide unsupervised services common to a certified PA while at any learning site while enrolled in the program.
  • PA students must never work as a substitute for clinical or administrative staff during supervised clinical practice experiences.

If students choose to disregard this work policy, they will be referred to the Promotions and Professional Conduct Committee. The committee will conduct an investigation, and after completion may recommend actions ranging from counseling and non-academic probation to dismissal from the program.